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At the DOCTUM K. GIOKARIS & CO group, we believe that our mission is to exert every effort in order to offer to our fellow men the longest and best possible life.

Based on this principal objective, we have created EURONEPHROS with the aim of providing high quality health services, using the most advanced methods of improving and prolonging the lives of the patients, as well as enabling them to meet their basic and imposed needs with dignity.

This effort, to increase life expectancy, is not limited to dealing with the challenges of the disease or a temporary alleviation of the various symptoms, but includes everything that is related to the overall physical function of the patient.

Moreover, taking into account that relief and comfort of the patients are becoming increasingly important, we have given special attention to the relationship between the patient and the surrounding environment.


Building Facilities

Building facilities and machinery comply with the most stringent requirements and regulations regarding sterilisation, cleanliness, and maintenance, a result guaranteed by frequent, systematic, scheduled audits.


Parking Spaces

Patients up to

Dialysis Stations

EURONEPHROS has at its disposal comfortable, fully air-conditioned areas (7 floors + 2 underground parking lots), plenty of light, personal oxygen supply, access to the Wi-Fi of the Unit, personal TV, personal radio etc.

It can attend to 180 patients, in two shifts, who, according to their desire, can choose between electric adjustable beds or electric, self-propelled, adjustable chairs.

The unit includes:

  • Three haemodialysis rooms (one on each floor), with 45 stations in total.
  • Two separate beds in an isolated room for patients with hepatic disease.
  • A floor with administrative and doctors’ offices.
  • A floor for staff training and science events.
  • Comfortable reception & waiting areas.
  • Two underground floors with 30 parking spaces.

In respect to the mechanical equipment, we have tried and achieved the best possible installation of state-of-the-art machines by the German B. BRAUN firm. The water for the Haemodialysis is treated with double-pass reverse osmosis which is monitored ONLINE; as for the haemodialysis filters, they are the latest type of synthetic membrane by the Italian Medica and the Swiss Dialife firms.

For the recruitment of the unit, we have put particular emphasis on the selection of the scientific and nursing personnel, so that medical deontology as well as professional ethics are fully aligned with the needs and expectations of the patients. Accordingly, Euronephros has at its service skilled nephrologists, cardiologists, and vascular surgeons with extensive experience in the care of haemodialysis patients.